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What's new in IMC?

Email Alerts IMC now has the ability to send email alerts when the status of an appliance changes and when a disturbance is reported by an appliance. To enable email alerts, select the Account Settings tab after logging in.
MOV Failures IMC will now prominently display a message on the main appliance page if/when you have an appliance that reports it has an MOV Failure.
Appliance Physical Status There is a new column on the main appliance page that displays the Physical Status of each appliance. The Physical Status is also displayed under the Appliance Details tab for each appliance.
Replacing an Appliance If/when you have an appliance with an MOV failure, you can replace it in IMC with another appliance by sorting the Physical Status column and clicking on the red icon. You can also manually replace an appliance via the Appliance Details tab of the appliance